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Where we start our innovation journey

Step-by-step we will explore the possibilities and expand our knowledge about Electronics,Robotics,Arduino and more in a practical way

Let`s Get Started!

Learn Practical ways to Use a Port

We will learn how to use import/ export pins of the Arduino, with that we can turn on LED, sound the on-board Buzzer, Read analog sensor data, and more.

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Make it move

You will learn how to make the motors work both in two wheel drive and four wheel drive configurations.

Make it talk

We will learn how assemble the audio module and make our robot speak, although with limited words, but by just giving it the words and it speaking them out.

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Make it shake a hand

You will learn how to use servo motors and learn the basis of using our robot`s arm.

  • Servo Motor

Make it communicate

We will learn how to make our robot communicate with other devices using bluetooth, in this case your own phone. We will turn on an LED and make the buzzer buzz with the cellphone.

  • Serial Communication
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List of Starter Learning Modules

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