Create and Learn on the Innovation​ road

You build, you pick what you want to learn and you learn through practicality

Gold Medal Winner in:
IDEA 2022 Idea-Novelty-Invention Exhibition and Fair (Outlet Club 13 Egyesulet) Hungary
INVENTCOR 2022 (Cerneliugroup Research – Innovation Association) Romania
Innovative- full kit Robot

Fully armed with Innovation.

With the Built-In low voltage dropping motor drivers, protected in multiple levels, you can build both 4WD and 2WD, bipedal and more robots, running by powerful 18.5 watts-easy to use cell pack, Both charging the batteries safely and protecting them from over-discharging below their healthy levels, charging with a normal cell phone charger. While with a one-of-a-kind gripper with adjustable pressure sensors you can build robotic arms that apply a certain amount of pressure. The possibilities for innovation with this robot are always infinite .

Reliable Power source
Endless possibilities​
innovations all over the system​
Innovative Teaching method

Following the tree of knowledge.

In contrary to current education system which feeds you with mostly unnecessary materials before giving you the barebone, You always choose what you need to know in every lesson. You get the bare bone that ends in results first and whenever you want, you know more

Robot that composes Music​ and speak

You give it your favorite songs, you pick the words you want it to say, or you record your own voice and use it as the template .​

Robot that Dance​s

You can design the choreography, different moves, the timings, degrees of freedom, and see your buddy shake it nicely.​

Robot that Lights up

You compose the lighting, every pixel, and with different colors and even mix that with dancing and create your performing art.​

Robot that walks

From 2WD, 4WD, with different types of steering to self-balancing robots and bipedal robots, you can create your way of movements.​

Robot that picks

With one of the most precise grippers in the market , you can choose how much force your robot applies to collect objects with very simple coding.​

Robot that transform​s

You can have a robot that transforms from bipedal to robot on wheels and vice versa, also you see many possibilities for a climbing robot.​


Participate in our Events
and Win prizes in Challenges.​

We will host yearly events showing the great things researchers can do in this ecosystem. And in the short time, we will have online challenges to test the problem solving abilities of the researchers in which you can win cash prizes and featuring in our leaderboards.

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