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Where we add up on what we know

Step-by-step we will explore more of what we can do with our knowledge and how we can make more use of our resources

How to light it up!

We will learn how to use our LED modules, how to address them and how to generate a spectrum of colors.

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Make it watch it`s steps

We will learn how to build a tachometer with the encoder module we have so our robot has the measurement of it`s displacement.

Make it follow a line

We will learn how to build a two wheel drive line follower robot using the line sensors we have .

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Make it play your favorite songs!

You will learn how to use the SD card module we have along with audio unit to build a music player.

Make it reach out

We will learn how to utilize multiple servos to build a long arm attached to Teachigo and see it flex, extend and rotate while the robot moves.

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Make it Grip!

You will learn how to build a full arm with a gripper and how to perform grip function and the fine-tunings and adjustments

Make it controlled by Cellphone

We will learn how to use our phone as a remote control for our robot . So we can control it using bluetooth for a two wheel drive and four wheel drive version.

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